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About Sarah

Writer, blogger, editor and proofreader.

Words are wonderful; the way 26 little squiggles on a page can create whole worlds of the imagination is miraculous. Words inspire, illuminate and invent. Through rigid, though not entirely inflexible, rules, intangible concepts come to life.



Hi, I'm Sarah McNamee and my career really began when my job ended. I was made redundant at the start of the big recession in 2009, much to my relief and excitement. Applying only for courses I knew I would enjoy, I was lucky enough to be accepted into an English Literature degree course. Over the next four years my mind was expanded and my life goals changed.



“Sarah's work on my company's website was spectacular. I trusted her judgement and her creative guidance. What she has written perfectly matches the style and tone of my company. I can't recommend her highly enough.”

— Jo Turner Strilchuk, Josephine's Chocolate

“I've known Sarah's work for five years now, and I always look forward to reading her articles for Touch magazine. They're so engaging, funny, and personal. She writes in such a variety of styles that make me wonder what she will write next.”

— Christine, Touch reader

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