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What is Proofreading?


In a nutshell, it is ensuring all spelling, grammar and punctuation is correct. Proofreading is usually the last stage before publication, once all other changes have been made and approved, in order to catch any careless little mistakes. A proofreader deals only with the text and does not deal with page layout or any non-textual media.

Who needs a proofreader?


Anybody who wants to ensure their written work is of the highest professional standard. I have worked on authors' novels and poetry, students' dissertations and professional applications, and small business owners' website content and blogs.

​What I correct:

  • Spelling mistakes and typos

  • Punctuation

  • Grammar, taking into account style and tone

  • Italics and capitalisation

  • Missing or duplicated words

  • Wrong spacing and paragraph layout

Charges and fees

£4-£8 per 1,000 words, depending on level of correction required, the level of technical difficulty and the expected timescale for completion. Please note that there is a minimum charge of £30.

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