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About Me

Words are wonderful; the way 26 little squiggles on a page can create whole worlds of the imagination is miraculous. Words inspire, illuminate and invent. Through rigid, though not entirely inflexible, rules, intangible concepts come to life.
Hi, I'm Sarah McNamee and my career really began when my job ended. I was made redundant from my job in research at the start of the big recession in 2009, much to my relief and excitement. Applying only for courses I knew I would enjoy, I was accepted into an English Literature degree course. Over the next four years my mind was expanded and my life goals changed.

I began proofreading fellow students’ work. I had never envisioned pursuing such an enjoyable career, especially since the biggest publishing houses are based in London, a city in which I will never live (I love the smell of the countryside in spring). However, soon after finishing my degree I was contacted by an old friend who recommended that I write an article for Touch Magazine, which is published by the Reiki Association.  I enjoyed the
experience so much that I asked to be remembered for future editions. The following month I was asked to contribute again. Now, almost six years later, I am the subeditor of the same magazine, sourcing and contributing regular articles, editing and proofreading from home using Skype and Dropbox to collaborate with a small team based around the UK.
I have now worked on a variety of magazine articles, on self-published authors' novels and short stories, individuals' dissertations and professional documents, and on company websites as both editor and writer.
I love working freelance, making a living writing, editing and correcting people’s grammar. The best part of the job, apart from the indescribable satisfaction I feel while correcting misplaced apostrophes, is having such a flexible schedule that I am able to spend as much time as possible with my husband and gorgeous children.
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