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I have written a lot of poetry over the years. Here is a small sample of my favourites.

Moving home


Packing up our lives

into little boxes,

keeping the necessary and discarding the past:

old phones, cords for forgotten technology,

train tickets, cinema stubs, receipts

for our first date, when I paid and you thanked me,

that long leisurely spring walk

at the butterfly farm - you fell in the rain and bled

on my handkerchief.


You dither and I shout stupid words,

meaning nothing

except I am stressed and please move faster and that doesn’t go there and I love you.

Don’t pay attention to my words.


Tomorrow we will

move out and move on

to another life and a new relationship.

One more will join us and explode our calm,

a little bump in the road

covered in ice, crystals of light and love waiting

to make us slip and slide and swerve,

dangerous in its beauty, covering the old

in bright brilliant white, cleansing

and making ready the next, the shiny new.


We will start afresh

and welcome our evolution -

from two to three

we will be home.


Just for today


Just for today

I will be

Calm, composed when things do not go his way

And unruffled when the milk is spilt.

I will wipe noses, dry tears,

Overcome this realm of motherhood

As if it is natural, comes naturally,

And is my purpose.

I will exist

In between moments of panic

Deep breaths will steady me as I am forced

Into this box.

Perfection is not real,

yet I strive for some form of it,

grasping at the image of myself

I cannot feel, yet hope to be.

I will survive

The exhaustion, the tantrums, the tears, the touching,

The constancy and inconsistency of toddler minds,

Who need and want

And give their love so freely and fully

To me.

I am not always worthy.

They are worth it.

The Reiki in me


Reiki is not a constant effortless flow;

it ebbs and leaks,

takes work and demands time.


I don’t often initiate daily self-treatment.

Time is a luxury.

Self-care is selfish.

I crave more.


Reiki is in me.

It is unguarded moments or unintentional touch,

It moves through me without effort.

Is it subconscious or unconscious?


These moments of touch initiate a quick flow and burst

as energy leaps from my hands to my control centre

demanding attention,

demanding use.


It feels neglected,

hiding in the shadows of my person

waiting impatiently.

Or perhaps the Reiki is patient

and I am not.

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