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A sample of my creative work, including articles, poems and short stories.

Touch Magazine


I am the subeditor of this Reiki magazine, as well as a regular writer. Although we have a small staff, Touch Magazine is published by the UK's Reiki Association and is read internationally.


The magazine features cutting edge 'Reiki in the world' articles and home-grown 'personal stories' where practitioners and Masters share some of their toughest moments and the amazing outcomes of using Reiki to facilitate their lives.


There is also a featured Artist spread, book reviews, letters page or Q&A, and a rotating host of Senior Reiki Master columnists from the Usui Shiki Ryoho system.


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Moving home


Packing up our lives

into little boxes,

keeping the necessary and discarding the past:

old phones, cords for forgotten technology,

train tickets, cinema stubs, receipts

for our first date, when I paid and you thanked me,

that long leisurely spring walk

at the butterfly farm - you fell in the rain and bled

on my handkerchief.


You dither and I shout stupid words,

meaning nothing

except I am stressed and please move faster and that doesn’t go there and I love you.

Don’t pay attention to my words.


Tomorrow we will

move out and move on

to another life and a new relationship.

One more will join us and explode our calm,

a little bump in the road

covered in ice, crystals of light and love waiting

to make us slip and slide and swerve,

dangerous in its beauty, covering the old

in bright brilliant white, cleansing

and making ready the next, the shiny new.


We will start afresh

and welcome our evolution -

from two to three

we will be home.

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